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Central African Republic

Amid ongoing political turmoil, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic’s community-based ministries educate young people, keep drinking water safe, and lower infant/maternal mortality. ELCA missionaries, grants, and companion synod relationships play a key role.


ELCA World Hunger

Your gifts to ELCA World Hunger, in partnership with the local church and The Lutheran World Federation, help provide clean, safe water, primary health care, agricultural training, and programs to help protect the environment, assist rural communities and empower youth.

ELCA Malaria

Your gifts to the ELCA Malaria Campaign are currently on hold due to civil unrest; however, plans are under consideration to support an upcoming malaria-related emergency response through The Lutheran World Federation.

ELCA Missionaries

ELCA missionaries work in education, water projects, seminary training and support of ministry by women.

ELCA International Leaders

Forty-four international leaders have received ELCA educational scholarships to further develop their skills for service in the church in the Central African Republic.

ELCA Global Ministries

Your ELCA gifts and offerings support development, justice, relief, evangelism, leadership development and education in the Central African Republic.

ELCA Disaster Response

Your gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response, in partnership with The Lutheran World Federation and Finn Church Aid, provide relief supplies, nutritional aid and education and support peace building through psychosocial support in response to civil war.

Central African Republic